"The young cast are all excellent and their stories are given added atmosphere by the music, which uses everything from saws to singing bowls."

— Hettah Juddah, The Times

The Wolf Road (1998—9)

The Gate Theatre, London

Ragnarok, the battle at the end of the world is fast approaching, but gods and giants are too engrossed in turmoil and feuds to notice. Freyja, the most sensual goddess, offers herself to four dwarves in exchange for a gold necklace. Thor, god of thunder, strives to regain his stolen hammer. Loki, a shape changing trickster is only momentarily stopped from causing mayhem when his lips are sewn together, and Fenrir the wolf struggles to free himself and wreak havoc on the Gods.


This production was inspired by: the Poetic Edda written in the thirteenth century by Snorri Sturlason based on oral tales brought to Iceland by Vikings; the penguin book of Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley Holland.



Writer: Nick Mcarty

Director: Penny Cherns

Producer: Alys Kihl

Designer: Will Hargreaves

Lighting design: Douglas Kurt

Music: Jan Hendrickse & Ben Harlan

Movement director: Liana Nyquist

Assistant costume designer:

Ingrid Macody Lund

Production manager: Sarah Grimshaw

Stage manager: Julie Sproule

Master carpenter: Rebecca Oliver



Glenn Chapman

Magnus Hastings

Lawrence Leason

Grace Mattaka

Elizabeth Perry

Daniel Tomlinson

Musicians: Jan Hendrickse & Ben Harlan




The Monument Trust

The Leche Trust

Private donations



"Storytelling may not yet be the new rock ‘n’ roll but companies like Wonderful Beast could help in that direction." — Charles Godfrey-Faucett, Time Out


"The often brutal, often comic episodes are brilliantly recounted and mimed by a small group of actors." — John Gross, Sunday Telegraph