Strange Fish (2012)

Part of Storm of Stories 2012

"Fantastically expressive singing, dancing & storytelling."

 — Audience Member

This new production was presented in Wonderful Beast’s pilot four day celebration  of storytelling, Storm of Stories 2012. Wonderful Beast’s core group of performers were joined by the young Russian baritone, Mikael Pavlov and guitarist Jack Ross who, under the direction of Alys Kihl, devised this colourful and entertaining family show based on four stories from around the world.


The tales were about the hypnotic power and unpredictability of the sea, the surprises it throws up and how humans respond. The sea is also a metaphor for the mystery, fears and hidden depths of our own emotions as well as the treasures that can be found in a turbulent place when we least expect them. The themes involve greed (The Golden Fish – Russia), yearning (Woman of the Sea – Scotland), female intelligence (Why The Fish Laughed – India), fury, revenge and reward (The Genie and The Fisherman

–1001 Nights).



Ann Firbank

Sasha Mitchell

Matt Prendergast

Baritone & Russian dancer: Mikhail Pavlov

Dancer: Anusha Subramanyam



Violin, accordion, sarangi: Sylvia Hallett

Guitar, djembe: Jack Ross

Trombone: Miguel Tantos




Alys Kihl


Audience comments


“I loved it particularly the Indian and Russsian stories.”


“I think it’s absolutely brilliant.”


“It was great. My favourite story was the genie and the fisherman.”