Little Red Chunni (2007)

Jaipur International Heritage Festival, Tour of Suffolk primary schools

Jill Freud Summer Theatre season, Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh

"It was holistic, animalistic, beastly pleasure."

— Suyash Sharma

This delightful and unusual cross cultural production in partnership with Indian dance company, beeja, is a partially bilingual version of the story Little Red Cap by the Brothers Grimm. It involves dramatised storytelling, Baratanatyam dance and mridangam playing. It is a highly colourful, magical show full of surprises and with much audience participation.


The show was initially devised for the Jaipur International Heritage Festival where we were sponsored by Step by Step High School to run workshops for two hundred children culminating in a public performance. Children from Akshara slum school were also included. The workshops culminated in a public performance that opened the festival, with students from both schools, aged from nine to sixteen, performing alongside the artists. Others took part in the participatory sections with the audience.


The aim was to introduce the children to a range of new and imaginative ways of storytelling by blending traditional and contemporary methods, and to develop their language, creative and performing skills.




Actor: Annie Firbank

Mrudungam/vocals/ actor: RR Prathap

Dancer/actor: Anusha Subramanyam

Director: Alys Kihl

Photography: Vipul Sangoi


Audience Comments (Jaipur)


"It was a roar of delight, a cackle of excitement, a thundering enjoyment, a leap of emotions, a chattering spectacle and a forest of fun. In case you have not got the jist - It was wonderful and brought out the beast in us." — Ayan Agarwal


"Red Riding Hood, I always thought was a child's fairy tale but how they turned into an adult predators story stunned me." — Nehal Arora