Tatterhood (2000)

Rosemary Branch, London; Highlands & Islands Tour

"Wonderful Beast is steadily building a reputation for its theatrical approach to storytelling, indeed this charming Anglo-Norwegian production glows with the sunny warmth of childhood." — Charles Godfrey-Faucett, Time Out

Tatterhood, a story collected by Asbjørnsen and Moe, is included in Angela Carter’s great collection of fairy tales published by Virago. It is the tale of an ugly twin, born riding a goat, who single handed battles against a troop of terrifying trolls, rescuing her beautiful sister’s head from them. She is loud, loyal, brave and resolutely unattractive and does not suffer fools gladly. After many obstructions from the trolls and other obstacles, she saves the day and marries her prince!


The show was bilingual with Norwegian actor Ane Aass performing Tatterhood, and was packed with Norwegian folk songs taught to the company by Norwegian singer Anne Kleivset. First performed in London at The Rosemary Branch Theatre, the show later enjoyed a highly successful tour of the Highlands and Islands, taking part in the Orkney Music Festival and the Highlands Festival as well as performing and work shopping in schools.



Writer and director: Hege Rohde

Producer: Alys Kihl

Scottish tour revival directed by Alys Kihl

Movement advisor: Graham Allum

Folk song coach: Ane Kleivset



Ane Aass

Sue Maund (London)

Sam Scudder

Jane Barber (Scottish tour)

Violin: Alison Blunt




John S Cohen Foundation

Scottish Arts Council

Highlands and Islands Enterprises

Foundation for Sports and the Arts, The Rayne Foundation



"Armed with chalk, the cast draw their set as the story unfolds, and their transformation of the stage into an ancient magical realm is extremely inventive. Tatterhood is told through dance and mime, the dialogue is spoken and sung in Norwegian and the action is perfectly punctuated with music..."

— Lucy Powell, Highbury and Islington Express


"This is primeval stuff of myth at work here, holding the audience alert to some half remembered, half recognised vastness. That is fairy tales for you!"

— Ann Sninott, Camden New Journal


"Wonderful Beast simply captivating at Garrison – the cast danced and sang with such wit and vivacity that everyone leaving the theatre glowed." — Shetland Times


"Enchanting fairy tale enthralls –the Beast is truly wonderful." — Orcadian