"Eva liked it all — especially the kissing. Lolo frightend by the gong sound! Eva said it could be longer but I thought it was just right." — Eva, 5 & Lolo, 3, Friston


The Swineherd & The Princess & The Pea (2005)

St Edmund’s Hall, Southwold and Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh

Jill Freud Children’s Summer Theatre


A play based on the two popular stories by Hans Christain Andersen for all the family with plenty of audience participation. A prince in search of a wife is turned down by a spoilt princess. Disguised as a swineherd he gets his own back through the use of a magical pot and a musical rattle. Then one stormy night a stranger appears…


Two actors and a puppet multi role play in this funny, charming and interactive version of the two combined stories linked by the disillusioned prince who eventually finds a real princess with the aid of a pea.




Actor: Morven Macbeth

Actor: Matt Prendergast

Designer: Ruth Paton

Adapted and dramatised by Claude Harz

Director: Alys Kihl

Photography: Magnus Hastings


Audience Comments


"My two girls (along with my wife and I) loved the show. Fantastic for building imagination and great for participation." — Gary Berney, Notts


"We loved it. Best show we have ever seen at Southwold and we have come to them all."

 — Elaine Sharp, Herts.