Summer 2017


Wildman Tour Launched!

27 October - 4 November 2017


We are delighted to announce that this production, a sell out in High Tide Festival 2015 and again in Storm of Stories 2016, is back by popular demand, featuring in the Herring  Festival  at the New Cut, Halesworth, as well as other exciting venues and we are particularly thrilled about performing in Orford Castle, where, as the legend has it, the Wildman was incarcerated and from whence he escaped!


Linked to the theme of the Wildman, Wonderful Beast will also be delivering workshops to Leiston, Southwold and Orford  primary schools and be working with a disabled group of young people at the Red Rose Chain’s Avenue Theatre in Ipswich. We are very grateful to Cllr Tony Cooper and the Enabling Communities Budget Scheme for a grant towards the Leiston workshop, and also to Cllr Michael Ladd from his SCC budget for the Orford workshop.


 See What's On for dates and venues.


Generously supported by: Arts Council England, Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Coastal District Council and The Scarfe Charitable Trust



Orla’s Moon 13-21 June 2017


It’s the best thing I have taken my thirteenth month daughter to so far. Thanks!


Wonderful Beast has recently completed a highly successful tour of ‘Orla’s Moon’, an immersive and interactive music theatre production for babies, toddlers up to three years old and their parents and carers. The same team of artists which created our first show for this age group  ‘Orla and the Sun’ was  involved: Sarah Booth designer, Abimaro Gunnell singer, David Ogle choreographer and dancer, Zoë Palmer librettist and director, Jack Ross composer and musician. New comers Rosie Adediran singer and musician, and Keir Vine musician joined the team contributing their ideas, talents and skills.


Performances were free, and we mainly put on two shows a day. We visited Sudbury and Beccles Libraries which opened our eyes to the benefits of performing in an open public space whereby a surprised visitor could be welcomed to a performance. We returned to Hadleigh and Eye where we attracted new families as well as those who came back for more joy after experiencing Orla and the Sun.

Magical - totally absorbing experience for both of us. So glad that you gave us this opportunity! You are fabulous at working with young children - lots of brilliant interaction – friendly and warm and talented performers.


New to us was The Mix, a brilliant young people’s centre in Stowmarket which we packed with mums, dads, babies and excited children. The Seagull Theatre, Lowestoft, located in a very deprived area of the town, was a special experience: we played to a baby filled audience including a group from a single parents unit, many of whom had never been to the theatre before and for whom Orla’s Moon was a completely new experience. A performance in the Aldeburgh Pump House raised many a tear and a smile from parents and some of the more elderly members enjoying the reactions of the little ones.


Wonderful- beautiful music and tailor made for my two year old daughter who has Downs’ Syndrome and loves multi-sensory stuff. My six year old boy loved it too. A bit of joy.


The tour ended with two performances in London at the invitation of Creative Futures with whom Wonderful Beast is hoping to collaborate in an ambitious project for young families in the future. Everyone was given a booklet and CD of all the songs at the end of each performance.


 It's absolutely amazing! We've listened to the CD 4 times since we saw the performance yesterday - she just loves the beautiful sounds and voices!


Special thanks to our generous supporters:  Arts Council England, Snape Maltings, Frank Jackson Foundation, Marchus Charitable Trust, Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust, Babergh and Mid-Suffolk District Councils, Suffolk Community Foundation (The Bluebell Trust) and the Lowestoft Cultural Education Partnership.





Spring 2017


Sharing Stories - ongoing project


As part of our work in the community Wonderful Beast has been running a pilot project involving mainly Eastern Europeans working in local hotels and restaurants who have been enjoying informal meetings with us to share food, drink and their stories.  One of the many positive outcomes of the project is a partnership with the Thorpeness and Aldeburgh Hotel Collection: together we are delighted to have initiated free English lessons for employees. Moving and funny personal stories are emerging from the students whilst confidence is slowly being built as they are welcomed every week into a nurturing and friendly atmosphere.  More news in due course on how Sharing Our Stories is leading to a new production.