Forty Hares & A Princess (2003)

2 — 20 December 2003, a co-production with Southwark Playhouse

"Wonderful Beast has chosen wisely and performs well. Narrative whirls us forward theatrical language always helping, never clogging the action."

— Timothy Ramsden, ReviewsGate

A feast of unusual and entertaining stories from around the world: Forty Hares and a Princess, a Yiddish tale about a cunning shepherd who outwits the royal family; Parsley Girl, Italy’s most popular folk tale; Just Say Hic, the comic adventured of a Turkish boy;

The Dream Reader, an adapted Noh play, Benizara and Kakezara, a Japanese

version of Cinderella.


Gary Mitchell provided an array of evocative sound on the Sumatran Talempong, conjuring up temples, forests, palaces and magical transformations



Adaptation/direction: Alys Kihl/Sue Nash

Designer: Ruth Paton

Musician: Gary Mitchell

Original lighting design: Colin Grenfell

Relight: Francesca Finney

Stage manager:

Hannah Ashswell Dickinson

Publicity designer: Kathrin Jacobsen




Ann Firbank

Paul Dinnen

Morven Macbeth

Matt Prendergast

Monsterrat Roig de Puig




Jerwood Space

Southwark Playhouse

Audience comments


"I hope more people will get a chance to see this fine production. Completely flabbergasting and extremely hilarious." — Thomas Cittern aged 10


"I liked the diversity of actors, accents, and role reversals and stories from different countries." — Soheila Keyani