Crossing the Styx (2006)

In collaboration with English Touring Opera's outreach programme. A national tour of thirty primary schools including three family shows in Lincoln, Aldeburgh & Ulverston

"It felt like a spark was flickering inside me"— Matty, 10

This interactive show was a new operatic and theatrical version of the myth of Orpheus from Monteverdi’s opera Orfeo with additional music by Rachel Leach. It involved music, puppetry, song and dance, performed by singers, players and actors from English Touring Opera and Wonderful Beast. Children learnt songs in advance and joined in the action.


Baritone / Piano: Edmund Connolly

Mezzo soprano / piano: Catrin Johnsonn

Actor and singer: Sasha Mitchell

Trombone/dancer/ actor: Miguel Tantos



Writer: Claude Harz

Composers: Claudio


Rachel Leach

Designer: Ruth Paton

Director: Alys Kihl

Producer: Tim Yealland

Tenor: Samuel Boden

Audience comments


"Our children love opera. The children really did have to listen, interpret and think."

— Headteacher, Meadows Junior School, Sheffield


"Fantastic – one of the best schools productions I have ever seen. They were getting real opera. An absolutely excellent production in every way and a superb opportunity to expose the children to music and drama of high quality."

— Teacher, Somers Park Primary School, Malvern


"It made me feel me feel all floaty and excited and sad." — Aysha (10)