Craigie's Lookout (2015)

A partnership with Caroline Wiseman at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout Tower

  'A great opportunity for schools, wonderful stories'

– mother of participant

This was a magical day where Wonderful Beast took over the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout by kind invitation of Caroline Wiseman during the Craigie Aitchison exhibition. After an initial visit, where children from the writing circles of Aldeburgh and Orford primary schools had the unique opportunity of listening to the stories of Aitchison’s Godson, Charlie Behrens, they produced some wonderful creative writing. They then performed alongside TUUP, master storyteller, with whom they had worked during the week, and who helped them create a beautiful collage of stories and poetry woven into his own cunningly shaped tales.


The afternoon storytelling for families saw members of Wonderful Beast running after families stranded on the beach in a fearsome East wind, with an invitation of warming up in the Lookout, and being offered a story!  This was accepted with alacrity and the tower was soon packed with tiny tots and shivering grannies, all being enchanted by TUUP.


To round off the day TUUP once again told stories, this time an epic myth for an adult audience as they munched contentedly from a pink box of goodies whilst sitting round the fireside in Caroline’s Art House.  What a way to end a freezing cold March day.

  '…wonderful evening of storytelling with TUUP. It certainly was a romantic setting not to mention the glasses of Bubbly and the treats of the pink box'

— Jan Williams, storyteller


Storyteller: TUUP

Workshop Co-ordinator: Liz Ferretti

Director: Alys Kihl


Thanks to:

Caroline Wiseman

Charlie Behrens